Yandara Graduates


We are so grateful to have Charlotte’s beautiful yoga class on Yandara Online, “Flow to King Pigeon” We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Charlotte completed her 300 hour Yoga Certification at Yandara in Baja and now she’s back in Sweden radiating much love and light.

Yandara Graduates

Alyra Hudson

We hope you enjoy Alyra’s really fun “Stretchy Fun Flow” here on Yandara Online. Alyra has completed her 300 hour training at Yandara in Baja and is now back in Vancouver, Canada, teaching yoga from the heart and inspiring everyone by sharing and living her yoga. Aside from being a 500 RYT, she is also a certified Life Coach. See more inspiration from her on her Instagram page: @bloomingyogini_.



Join us for our next Yin Training Nov 4 – 14, 2020, in Baja. Click here to see more and sign up.


Yin Yoga includes longer held, therapeutic seated and floor postures, supported by props, to
optimize range of motion and energy flow through the joint tissue – while emphasizing hip & lower back
health. Yin Yoga cultivates inner listening, heightened awareness and intuition, acceptance and compassion


Restorative Yoga focuses on a deep relaxation of the nervous system, while enhancing your body’s ability to regenerate and restore itself on multiple levels of body, mind and spirit. These deeply restful poses are completely passive and fully supported by yoga props.

Yandara Graduates

ashley galvin

Ashley Galvin is an internationally-known yoga teacher. She got her 200 hour yoga certification at Yandara’s Baja home campus. She treasures her experience at Yandara

“such an overwhelming feeling of family and community… all the teachers have such an overwhelming plethora of knowledge and really exude in their being what yoga is…”

To learn more about 200 and 300 hours training at Yandara Click here.

See more inspiration from Ashley on her Instagram page : @ashleygalvinyoga



Enjoy sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls at Yandara during your training. The bowls each have a unique pitch or note and chakra. Lay on your set-up of soft blankets and allow yourself to be “bathed” in healing vibrations.

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